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The Evaluation Process
First we set up a free phone consultation for you to speak with one of our professionals to discuss your concerns. If your phone consultation determines the necessity for an evaluation, one can be scheduled at that time. The one on one evaluation with your child will last approximately 1-1 1/2 hours.   Finally, we will meet with you to discuss the results of the evaluation and any further recommendations.

The evaluating therapist meets with you to share a written report and the findings from the evaluation process. Information is gathered from you as well as your child’s teachers and daycare providers to get a complete picture. We specialize in evaluating the strengths and needs of children from infancy through the teen years.

Comfortable Settings
Evaluations are done in a quiet, relaxed setting with your child and the therapist. For younger or more timid children, we often rely on the support from one parent or caregiver.




Treatment focuses on helping your child improve their skills in a wide variety of areas, including:

• Handwriting
• Balance
• Body-Space Awareness
• Arousal & Attention Levels
• Motor Planning Skills
 Sleep Issues
• Eye-Hand Coordination
• Muscle Strength
• Daily Living Skills 
• Behavior
• Eating
 Strength and Coordination 

Required Paperwork

Must be submitted prior to child's evaluation or first visit

Please email these forms to or print and bring with you to first appointment 

First.   Choose 1 of Following    A.Medicaid Financial Packet  B. Insurance/Self Pay Financial Packet

Then choose one of these options by age of your child.

2For Children Age 2- 12 years Fill out all  of these A. Caregiver Questionaire  B. Teacher Profile (if in school) 
    C. Developmental History D. Checklist  E. Parent Goals

3 For Children 13years and older fill out all of these A. Adolescent Profile  B. Teacher Profile (if in school)   
     C.Developmental History   D. Checklist  E.Parent Goals

4. For Children Age 0-6 months fill out all of these A. Baby Profile 0-6 Mos B. Developmental History C. Checklist 

    D. Parent Goals

5. For Children 7 mos to 2 years fill out all of these A. Baby Profile 7-24 Mos  B. Developmental History  C. Checklist

    D. Parent Goals


Contact us at 303-756-0280 or for more information.