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Therapies Offered


Therapy offered at Sensory Pathways 4 Kids includes highly skilled and specialized, pediatric Occupational and Physical Therapy.

 Physical Therapy is a profession that strives to develop, maintain and restore maximum movement and functional ability throughout life. Our physical therapists use a wide variety of modalities to treat disorders in the pediatric population. These therapists are specialized in the treatment and management of infants, children and adolescents with a variety of congenital, developmental, neuromuscular, skeletal, or acquired disorders/diseases. Treatments focus on improving gross, balance and coordination, strength and endurance as well as sensory processing/integration.

The Department of Physical Therapy at Sensory Pathways 4 Kids provides evaluation and treatment for growing children who have experienced congenital conditions or developmental delays. Some of the reasons your child’s pediatrician or family Dr. might refer to a developmental PT would be:

• Torticollis
• Dyspraxia
• Delays in Strength
• Vestibular Issues
• Balance delays
• Toe walking
• Hypotonia

These issues and others might be seen in children with

• Developmental Motor Delays
• Down’s Syndrome
• Autism
• Chromosomal Mutations
• Prematurity
• Coordination Disorder

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Occupational Therapy (OT) is a profession that strives to promote health and well-being through participating in the activities of everyday life (occupations). Our specialized Occupational therapists achieve this outcome by enhancing the individual’s ability to participate their environment.

In the pediatric population our programs look to evaluate the performance skills of children and help them to develop the fine & gross motor, sensory processing and cognitive skills that are necessary for activities of daily living. Our therapists are dedicated in the treatment and management of infants, children and adolescents with a variety of congenital, developmental, neuromuscular, skeletal, or acquired disorders/diseases.
We will receive referrals from families, pediatrician, couselors, psychologists or family Dr.’s for many reasons including:

• Sensory Processing Disorder

o Tactile Sensitivities
o Auditory Sensitivities
o Arousal States
o Attention/Activity Level
o Emotional Regulation
o Fear of Different Movement

• Activities of Daily Living

o Sleep disturbance
o Feeding Issues
o Help with Dressing

• Fine Motor Delay

o Poor Hand Strength
o Challenges with Dexterity
o Challenges with Tool Use
o Handwriting Issues

  • Gross Motor Delays
        o Balance Difficulties
        o Strength Issues
        o Motor Planning
        o Coordination Delays

Advanced Brain Technologies 

The Listening Program (TLP)

At Sensory Pathways 4 Kids we offer The Listening Program to those clients that are interested in therapeutic listening therapy.

Advanced Brain Technology has a vision is to transform the life of every person by making sound brain fitness universally attainable.They have created an innovative, evidenced-based solutions for people actively looking to make a positive change in their life or the lives of others.

The company was founded in 1998, by Alex Doman, building on his family’s three generations of pioneering contributions to the field of human development.

The products and services include; The Listening Program, Healing at the Speed of Sound, Sound Health, Music for Babies, Brain Builder, audio equipment, and professional training courses. Today, Advanced Brain is the leader in sound brain fitness and has helped hundreds of thousands of children and adults throughout the world improve their lives.


The Listening Program® (TLP) is a music listening therapy that provides engaging brain stimulation to improve performance in school, work and life.

Systematic training is provided through listening to psycho-acoustically modified classical music which   trains the brain to process sound more efficiently. This leads to improvements in:

Learning                     Listening                                         Self Regulation

Attention                    Sensory Processing                         Musical Abilities'

Communication         Social Engagement                          Brain Fitness

Reading                      Behavior                                         Daily Living Skills                                    

Children, teens, adults and seniors can use the program in the home, classroom or workplace. It is completely portable and easy to use. The Listening Program fits easily into anyone's schedule and only requires 15 to 30 minutes of daily listening.

The Listening Program is a fusion of beautiful art and sound science. The masterful performances of the award-winning players of the Archangels Chamber Ensembles are skillfully crafted using advanced audio technologies to provide an unrivaled listening experience.


Contact us to discuss TLP with an experienced therapist.



Interactive Metronome (IM)



Interactive Metronome is a research- backed treatment program that helps improve timing through exercise and practice.  Better timing leads to improvements in the things like focus, coordination, planning, sensory integration as well as processing speed.  Whether you are born with developmental deficits, suffering from a neurological injury or battling a degenerative condition, Interactive Metronome is one of the key ingredients for enhancing your amazing time machine and improving your life.  To learn more about this therapeutic tool, contact us at 303-756-0280 x 100.